LED video display is made up of two parts: Main LED panel which is composed by several LED display units(Led cabinet or LED panel)that can connected together. This part is the main body of the LED display. another part is the controller. the controller can also devided into two parts: control board( hardware) and control system( software). The control board are include the sending card,receiving cards and computer. Multifarious display panels (or cabinet units) with different specifications and controllers with different control technology can be constituted into various kinds of LED screens to satisfy different application environments with diverse requirements.( such as video processor and multifunction card).

The Structure of the Screen:
1. Led module
No matter indoor or outdoor LED display, they all composed by LED modules. Led modules are include( LED lamps, driving IC, pcb board and module frame). its size can not be changed easily.
2. Display Panel
Display Panel is the main body of the screen. It is made up of light-emitting materials and driving circuit. The display panel of indoor and outdoor screen are unit cabinet.
3. Display Controller
Display controller are mainly include sending card, receiving cards and computer. The sending card should be installed inside the computer, the receiving cards should be installed inside the cabinets. usually one cabinet needs one receiving card.
4. Switching Power Supply
It is used to transform the 220V or 110V alternating current into all kinds of direct current to support various circuits.
5. Transmitting Cables
The display data and all kinds of controlling signals generated by the host controller are transmitted through twisted-pair cables to the screen.
6. Scanning Control Board
The function of it is to cushion the data, generate all kinds of scanning signals and duty cycle grey scale control signals.

7. Special Videocard and Multifunction Card
The special videocard of full color LED video display not only bear the basic functions of computer videocard, but can also output RGB digital signals and row, field and blanking signals to the host controller. Besides functions the same as the special videocard, multifunction card can also change the input simulated video signals into RGB digital signals (that is the collection of video communication).
8. Other information sources and devices
Including computer, TV set, blue-ray disc, DVD, VCD, video camera and recorder and so on.

According to the working environment, LED display can be divided into indoor led screen, outdoor led screen and semi-outdoor led screen. There are some data in theory wp hich can reflect the relationship between the pixel pitch and the best viewing distance (sheet 1)

The relationship between pixel pitch distance and the best viewing distance (sheet 1)

Spec (pitch) P5 P6 P7.62 P8 P10 P12 P16 P20 P25
Viewing distance (m) 11 14 17 18 23.5 28.2 35.5 46.99 56.4
In the actual application, because of the limitation of ?led display installation environment and identify ability, led display’s smallest viewing distance is mean the shortest distance that can identify the text and picture showing. The shortest viewing distance and led specification are on below?(?sheet 2?)

The smallest viewing distance and led display specification (sheet 2)
Viewing distance (m) 3-5 5-8 8-10 10-12 12-16 16-20 20-25 25 –

With the rapid development of science and the progress of the city’s information technology has become ever-changing, a variety of new things,new technology innovation, debut in the social arena, to bring a significant impetus to the development of intelligent city. To the new terminal display products, for example, LED advertising screen for the development of the city also played an indelible role.


First, LED advertising screen as a equipment of intelligent city furnishings, through the user experience, the public participation, and then provide a platform for the wisdom of the city to create value, and then serve the whole world. Indoor LED advertising screen with its no patchwork, good color, the use of flexible, energy saving and environmental protection advantages in the wisdom of the city’s studio, weather, conference rooms, exhibition hall, command and control center, monitoring center used in many places. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the use of expanding, play a wider range of functions and spread, also will be strengthened for the wisdom of urban planning and construction role.

Second,LED advertising screen as a rookie in the field, the wisdom of the city to science and technology. Can be used to the emerging technology products, for each smart city to bring science and technology aura, close to the trend of the new darling of science and technology, will make the wisdom of the city to develop more fresh elements to promote the wisdom of urbanization image In the city to attract foreign investment, to attract the public, get appreciation, improve the quality of work and so on.

Third, the rich information dissemination and publicity of LED advertising screen , for the city’s economic development and cultural transmission can not be ignored to promote the role. More and more rich forms of communication, dazzling video messages, as well as real-time, comprehensive, real show and other interactive forms to join, through the LED display high-definition transmission of network information or business information, can successfully promote the city’s economic and cultural construction deepen.

All in all, in the Internet era, LED display and other emerging high-tech products, and gradually infiltrated into people’s daily life, the environment for the wisdom of the city will have some impact.

1. The standard selection of Control system for LedSino led displays Control System?is Nova, but Mooncell and LINSN can support too. Nova sending card as shown below.

Picture 1: USB control cable, DVI signal cable and sending card
2. As picture 2&3, the control equipment of?led displays Control System includes computer, sending card (or sending box), DVI signal cable, USB control cable, and internet cable.

Picture 2: Cat 5 Cable (To connect sending card to indoor LED cabinet )

Picture 3: Position of sending card on PC

3. The sending card need to be installed at the computer PCI interface or in the video processor, and then insert each data cable into corresponding interface, as picture 4.

Picture 4: Sending card in video processor
4. Internet cable: the RJ45 connector(cable) connect to the sending card, the aviation connector(cable) connects indoor full-color LED displays cabinet.
5. DVI data cable: Two ends are the same, one connects the graphic card, and the other connects the sending card.
6. USB data cable: the big end connects the computer USB interface, the small end connects the sending card.

Picture 5: The connection of DVI cable, USB cable, internet cable with PC

In the LED display, the layman is quite strange about the LED rental display, then what is the rental screen? Why is it named that? It compared to other LED screen and what advantages and unique features? Want to know the answers to these questions? So let’s get along with it!

Q: What is the LED rental display?
A: LED rental display (LED screen rental) is a dedicated stage performances, cultural activities, the scene event.


Q: Why is it called a rental display?
A: Because it is mainly used for performance performances, as well as private mobile acrobatic troupe, many of the acquisition of this screen are rented in the form of rent to the needs of the place, so as to achieve profitability, the name of the rental screen.

Q: What are the advantages of the LedSino rental screen?
A: LED rental display as a powerful LED screen, light, thin, fast installation for its most important features. The cabinet is light and can be quickly installed, removed and transported, adapted to large-scale leasing and fixed installation applications. And the use of synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics and other programs to real-time, synchronized, clear information dissemination All kinds of information. Color realistic, adaptable.

Q: What are the characteristics of the LedSino rental screen?
A: 1, ultra-light – weighs only 7kg, single can be a single hand, easy to install up easily;
2, ultra-thin – aluminum and zinc alloy box through the die-casting aluminum molding, high strength, toughness, high precision, easy to deformation,
3, high precision – size is machined to 0.1mm;
4, compatible – the new structure design, to meet the lifting, stacking requirements, to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements;
5, fast – box up and down about the use of fast locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete a box installation, installation of high precision;
6, reliable – high hardness, good heat dissipation;
7, the price – the box light weight, the required installation costs low; low power consumption, low operating costs, so the price is very high.

Q: What is the Air box?
A: ?Air box is the traditional simple wooden box packaging and transportation can not solve these high-tech products in the long-distance transport process can not be effectively protected and poor mobility of the ills, for this malpractice resulting in a new alternative to transport packaging products.

Q: What is the structure and characteristics of the Air box ?
A: The outer structure of the Air box: from the harder multi-layer plywood paste ABS fire board nail into a wooden box, wooden box on both sides of the use of a certain thickness and strength of aluminum alloy, the box with a high angle each corner of the metal Spherical angle and the aluminum alloy and aluminum plate and clamp connection fixed, the bottom of the box with a high capacity and wear resistance of the PU wheel combination; internal structure: the cabinet can be installed according to product characteristics of the partition, the inside of the box and partitions Paste the relatively soft EVA composite solid back to the material, the material has a light, heat, shock, moisture, fire, anti-oxidation, sealing function. The internal and external structure and material of the air box determines the advantages of the fire box, such as fireproof, waterproof, anti-shock and maneuvering convenience, and the diversity of the color of the fire board is more visually beautiful.

Above is the small series for the relevant LED rental display of the relevant knowledge, If it is a lot of attention LedSino,We will prepare a lot of LED display knowledge to share the knowledge of everyone.

Southeast wisdom-city, a total construction area of ??271622.48 square meters. The project is located in the southeast area of ??Shijiazhuang City, south of the Second Ring Road and Sports Street Interchange southeast, covering about 1500 acres, is the provincial capital of the village of large rules.

The project requires a curvature of the change, the middle need some embedded, this effect is more layered, so the led panels must have a radian, seamless splicing, high resolution, true reproduction of the image, color uniformity, high contrast, clear picture Octavian.

Rich content: can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information; flexible way: arbitrary display by the user display mode; large amount of information: the information displayed is not restricted, can suit the stage performance or press release requirements.

With the improvement of people’s living, P4.81 Indoor Rental LED Displays has gradually entered more and more performances, conferences and other public occasions,?LEDSINO uphold a good company products in the industry cut a striking figure, in order to become the preferred brand of customers.

Recently, by our own research and development of large aircraft C919 in Shanghai Pudong Airport for the first flight success, which is China’s civil aviation industry an important milestone. In the takeoff scene, a piece of the core device provided by the NationalStar 1921 to create led large display living throughout the C919 take off every detail clearly show, and the global audience witnessed this exciting moment … …

Data show, led display in the1980s, and has been widely used in the global . Has been the development so far, led large display in the outdoor advertising, stage leasing and other traditional application industry has developed more mature, then the future development trend of LED display industry and what are the characteristics of concern?

According to reports, the current domestic LED display market growth is more balanced, including small-distance LED began to erupt, the city commercial display application system rapid growth, LED display application industry has become a new growth point. Led display will be through the soft and alien innovative technology to expand the incremental market to high-definition energy-saving, intelligent interactive technology to upgrade the stock market. With the LED display technology to enhance and scale effect appears, industry technology and financial barriers are also significantly improved.

Indeed, the changes in lifestyle and consumption habits of residents will directly affect the spread of the media. Internet advertising, to the traditional outdoor big, led large screen as the representative of the outdoor media and the audience to emphasize the activities of the activities of the marketing are able to fit the contemporary population life, consumption habits and good communication effect, which favored by advertisers. For enterprises that are committed to providing quality marketing communication services, it is necessary to proceed with the construction of a multi-dimensional, accurate communication network that can effectively increase the channels and probabilities of obtaining audience attention, and thus better meet the demands of customer marketing activities and enhance their own Competitiveness.

On the other hand, the global outdoor led display market is also growing steadily. According to a foreign market advisory firm Persistence Market Research recently released a market report shows that by 2021 the global outdoor led display scale will reach 15.7 billion US dollars, will be 15.9% annual growth rate of growth. Led display is widely used in advertising media, sports venues, stage background, municipal engineering and other fields, as LED applications in the most mature of a market segment.

Some analysts pointed out that the led display market from the outside into the room, China’s small pitch market is showing explosive growth, is expected in this (2017) to reach about 8 billion market size, and will continue to penetrate the big screen display market. In addition, led display will also be thin through the soft and profiled innovative technology to expand the incremental market to high-definition energy-saving, intelligent interactive technology to upgrade the stock market.

With an opening ceremony held in the ancient Greek theatre in Italian city of Taormina, the 2017 summit of the Group of Seven (G7) countries kicked off on Friday.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni welcomed the other six leaders of the world’s most industrialized economies, who gather here for two days to talk about terrorism, cyber-security, migration, climate change, inclusive growth, among other issues.

Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet speaks during a ceremony to inaugurate the construction of the world’s largest telescope in the desert of Atacama, Chile, May 26, 2017.

We found that more and more activities use the HD rental led screen to as the background, for text, numbers, pictures or video supplement. The rental led screen from LedSino have pure color, light and other characteristics, and is widely used In a variety of activities show, lectures, whether outdoor or indoor can be compatible, innovative design, whether it is lifting or stacking can be suitable.

LEDSINO P10 indoor led display successfully lit Zengcheng Children’s Palace,Zengcheng Children’s Palace is a major public, the people’s livelihood project, the project will be completed after the set of training teaching, activities, cultural performances, exhibitions and other functions as one of the juvenile social education institutions for the surrounding area and about 200 million people to provide quality Of the educational resources outside the school to further enhance the soft power of urban culture.

City leaders need to install a piece of indoor display, listen to friends that my company’s display quality is good, found the company’s official website through online customer service to understand the details of the customer finished his situation, the company customer service recommended to him the following P10 indoor led display and introduce its product features, the customer bevelve my company’s professional customer service and product advantages of their own conquest, choose to install this screen.

This screen uses P10 indoor led display high-definition,more than 40 square meters, the use of simple cabinet, but made a steel structure, plus package edge; company engineering to install, the product quickly installed design and engineering department skilled installation Approach, so that customers are very satisfied with the impression that my staff is also excellent.

The duration of the deliver cate of 15 days, after the installation and the test, the superiority of our products is show , delicate color details of the deal, the bright color with the screen brightness with the external light intensity and other automatic adjustment of product features so that customers amazed.

2016 is the beginning of the popularity of holographic projection, from the Brazilian Olympic Games to the G20, which can create a visual effect can not break the traditional display technology inherent boundaries, space and other restrictions, and its unique sense of the future of science and technology repeatedly amazing world … … Recent application of the performance of the market point of view, the current “menacing” projection technology has always been stable in the choreography, entertainment, entertainment and other display applications “King” throne LED display screen “Tremendous stress”.

However, the recent product applications market frequently appear LED large displays technology hand projection technology group wonderful case, let us see them combined with the creation of the giant “beauty” visual experience, real The feeling of LED display and projection of the CP’s special charm!

3D holographic projection is a use of interference and diffraction principle to record and reproduce the object of the real three-dimensional image, is a need to wear glasses 3D technology, the audience can see the three-dimensional virtual characters.

Of course, the video is post-processing, but the video in front of their customers through the LED large displays to see the image is also we see the big screen with the projection technology to achieve real 3D holographic image. Recently, this group of CP is widely used in product exhibition, conference, stage program, human screen interaction, bar entertainment, interactive places and other fields for the audience to create countless super shock visual effects.

Projection technology for the LED displays technology to bring “threat” at the same time, but also to bring more freshness for the displays innovation. it turns out: LED displays technology and holographic technology combined visual effects, simply amazing! Combined with the power of the two, for the audience to create a full range of visual sensory enjoyment, so that the audience to get a deeper level of cultural and artistic enjoyment, this is the ultimate goal of all display technology.