Activities need a large outdoor led screens rental of stage effect,?LEDSINO provides excellent electronic screen to fulfill the events organizer’s request, the stage screen size of 6.5 * 3.5?meters, Of course, very perfect and colorful.

High Stability Nationstar lamp
High efficient LED chip,low power consumption
Less heat dissipation make
Guarantees a reliable performance
Excellent color reproduction capability

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Background Bar T-type in night club need attention that everyone can pay attention, and the colorful effect to stimulate people to enjoy the singing…so the Rolling stone Bar choose?LEDSINO P4 Indoor LED Screens?in Serbia.


Indoor LED Screens for stage must meet the following requirements:
High Stability Nationstar lamp
High Definition images delivery
Audience get very comfortable videos,and wonderful visual experience
Wide view angle: 160 ° viewing angle,the maximum to meet viewing needs

As a professional led screen manufacturer,LEDSINO supply LED screen to more than 30 countries, provided the perfect stage effects and solutions for hundreds of activities, if you want to get more info about led Screens,please contact us .

Recently,?LEDSINO P8 Outdoor LED Display installed in the new football stadium.Stadium LED Display is being widely used as perimeter LED display, stadium LED display, basketball arena sporting LED Display etc. Besides this kind of sporting usage, LED display is being used for the world’s most popular sports–Football.

LEDSINO, as the leading LED Display solution provider in China contributed to this well known football stadium, LedSino contributed to HEROES stadium Outdoor LED Display with size 15.36m x 7.168m . Main features of this project as below:

1. P8 High Stability Nationstar SMD lamp
2. High efficient LED chip,low power consumption,Less heat dissipation make
3. Display resolution: 1920*896 pixels for each Display
4. IP65, waterproof in outdoor environment
5. Guarantees a reliable performance,excellent color reproduction capability
6. Signal input: SDI and HDMI via video processor
7. Communication method: Single / Multi mode fiber optics
8. Display application: Live broadcast and LED scoreboard

This P8 Outdoor LED Display works for MTK. We do believe it continuously contribute to football match and development. Should any interest in stadium and Fixed Outdoor LED Display, please feel free to contact us via: