Now, in all types of concerts, evening shows, performances, the presence of Concert LED?Screen, then why the screens so much attractiveness,What about?led?stage screen charm value is reflected ?

1, brilliant background, excellent performance
In the stage screens is not used in the stage, the most used stage is the curtain, and this curtain is static, can show the scene is also very limited. In the previous impression, the performers started behind curtains after the show began, and the actor put the style behind the curtain, which was followed by a curtain and a scene corresponding to the performance. This is the earliest stage scene application.

2, changing lighting, contrast atmosphere
In the traditional stage design, the actors are moving, the background is static, a static action, the performer’s performance to the audience is the most intuitive feeling, the background does not give the audience to enjoy the beauty and the different sensory experience.

3, flexible, the situation is not only one
In stage performance, different scenes are needed to suit different programs. The traditional setting obviously can not meet such demands. The biggest advantage of led video display is that it is flexible. As the technology continues to mature, the video wall screens clearer, more stable performance. You can achieve more flexible scene change, you can instantly switch the screen; can be achieved through technical means of any display, the display clear, rich content, the effect is realistic. Not only to the audience to bring the United States to enjoy, but also more amateur acting out superb.

LEDSINO led?stage?screen stunning eye-catching, breathtaking, all-round display of the beauty of the stage, and the actors together to show the audience a perfect visual feast.

LEDSINO slimmer and lighter Video Wall Screens P3 (PH3mm, 576*576mm) sparkles at Cyprus.,Full-screen display and multi-window cross-screen roaming.With the pixel pitch of 3mm and screen size of 200㎡, P3 indoor displays bring the audiences better watching experience.

P3 indoor wall screens is creatively designed all at the dimension of ?500*1000mm, which enables free piece-together. 16kg only for each panel, no tool needed during installation and integrated handle design all bring you great convenience. Every Panel is manufactured with CNC auto-machines of high precision so that to guarantee its seamlessness during assembly. So is well accepted by many customers as it is applicable for many indoor occasion.

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