Softer picture and better stereovision,
Guarantees instant information delivery,
High contrast can reach 16 bit,
Brightness tolerance of less than ±2%,
Great contrast image ratio.

Wide view angle: 160 ° viewing angle,
The maximum to meet viewing needs,
Flicker-free video images,
Bringing you instantly back to the natural world.

LEDSINO also is a Large Display Screens supplier in the displays technology development, manufacturing, and online distribution, servicing companies not just here in the China but in countries on every continent.
Our main focus has always been designing and manufacturing electronic outdoor/indoor led displays, led rental screens , portable led screens, outdoor Intelligence led screen and programmable display systems.

Sharing a nice Large Display Screens project ,please visit:

High Stability LED Screen Panels lamp
Less heat dissipation make
Guarantees a reliable performance
High efficient LED chip,low power consumption
Excellent color reproduction capability
High refresh up to 1920Hz
Reliable dynamic images performance
Makes it a higher contrast ratio

LEDSINO?relies on more than 100 engineers dedicated to develop a steady stream for new and improve products.Utilizes80000 Square feet for manufacturing, administrative and customer service to support all our LED Screen Panels needs.

Our team is fully devoted to our mission, our customers, and our goals. Contact us by phone or 24/7 online to discuss how our led products can benefit your company or project.Our main objective is to provide the very best quality products for the most competitive prices.

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LEDSINO in partnership with system integrator brought to life a unique artist built project – the installation of an Outdoor LED Screen system on the fa?ade of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall.

LEDSINO Outdoor LED Screen On The Facade Of Shopping Mall

The excellent and timely work on the design, production, and installation ensured that the project was commissioned and completed on time so that the high-level opening ceremony could go ahead as planned. An original solution with the bright content and interactive show platform made a WOW-effect, becoming a real talking point for the public.

LEDSINO Outdoor LED Screens On The Facade Of Shopping Mall

Today, the broadcasting of brands advertising messages alternates with image and game bumpers, supporting the thematic design of the building. A unified information canvas is a continuation of the shopping and entertainment center concept, serving as a flexible marketing platform as well as a powerful business tool for increasing the ROI of the project.

Taking into consideration the decades of LEDSINO’s experience in video technology as well as high quality and reliability of Outdoor LED Screen and Rental LED Display, we hope for the further prolific cooperation.

The event was attended by more than 200 spectators at the high-end opening ceremony at the Beverly Hills Los Angeles-based artist and landowner. Los Angeles honorary mayor, best actor Oscar Kevin Spacey and other celebrities played this event. LEDSINO hd led displays from the middle of the opening, Ferragamo fashion model and brilliant wonderful together.

Los Angeles 200 Banquet Event Live Background Big HD LED Displays

When researching which HD LED Displays video or led display panel price solution will be right for your event, educate yourself on the different technologies and products that are available. There is a huge range in quality with regards to image quality, screen size and price.

Los Angeles 200 Banquet Event Live Background Big HD LED Display

With our inventory of mobile and modular screens, we’re able to supply video led displays for any application. Regardless of your needs, please?contact our engineering staff?to provide you with the right solution.

The LED Screens Events project contracted by LEDSINO was successfully used for a club in Australia.Recently, customers come to the club towatch the Golden Guitar Awards, while praise the perfect performance of stage screen, that with the company twice to work together and re-cooperation.

Create indoor LED Screens Events with high refresh rate, low power consumption, wide viewing angle features soft and vivid colors, consistency is very good, the total three screen reached 95 Square meter. According to the customer, the video wall screens installation, the famous ensemble Los Tigres del Norte this portrait.

In fact, all customers who have dealt with LEDSINO know that the perfect performance of the company’s full color led screens is due to its excellent quality and perfect service. After 10 years of painstaking development, is not only the production of led screens products, sales of manufacturers, but also the field of leading led display suppliers and integrated services provider.

On the way ahead, LEDSINO is unremitting efforts to the sacred mission of “Make The World Bloom”.Give us a call! We enjoy explaining the technology and all the benefits it can offer our clients.

Xi’an Novastar:The most popular video processor on the international market today,and have technical services on many continents and in more than 50 countries. The website is:

Shenzhen VDwall; the main processor suppliers, the market occupies a larger export volume is also large, the site is:
Shenzhen Speedleder (
Shenzhen Magnimage (,can do a large monitor

Beijing Kystar (,
Beijing Shiruxun (
Xiamen RGBlink (

LED display screens have a widely chosen LED video processor.They are required for TV relay centers, exhibitions, meetings, large-scale stage and theatre etc.! If you’re going to input more signal sources than computers only, and if you’re seeking for the low cost solution, our LED video processor would be a suitable choice.

In addition several main card companies, also have the corresponding video processors to sell, the effect is good.

Asynchronous cards: Mainly some WIFI cards or small area for led screen controller card?.

Xixun ( and sheenled (, which are mainly WIFI features offline full color led display card, qualifications are relatively early.

There are Huidu (, more offline use of small color screen, Southeast Asian market with more.

Listen (, is also a rising star, before making a single color small?screen card, and now the color, and sports control system, Southeast Asia market more.

There is Onbon ( single-color led controller board compared to the most stable, the price is relatively high

lytec and LuMen, two old single-color dual-color led screen controller card, a lot of government-designated

LongGreat (, more used in Taiwan

ZH, China, the price is more favorable, China and Southeast Asia with a lot.

LED Controller Board: Including led display sending card and receiving cards , main full-color led wall display used?

Novastar: Xi’an, China, Europe and the United States export customers generally specified used, the effect is perfect, there are many service providers all over the world, the website is:

Linsn: Shenzhen, China, the old brand of screen card suppliers, a few years ago, a high profile, accounting for at least 60% of full-color technical control systems market, but at any time the rise of Novastar, the market share has declined, but Still in the domestic market enjoy a high terminal designated position, the website is:

Colorlight: Beijing, China, is also a led screen controller solution provider that started almost at the same time as Novastar, and also has a lot of domestic use, especially in the northern region. The website is index.html

In addition there Mooncell (special custom shaped screen with more, the site is:, ZDEC (, Dbstar (