The project is a hotel for wedding themes, the background wall is 45 meters long and 3.5 meters high. The three walls of the hall are all made with indoor led display of LEDSINO, because they need to show a lot of colorful pictures or videos, so adopts P2.5 HD LED Display.

LEDSINO P2.5 Indoor HD LED Display Complete The Construction

The advantages of LEDSINO high resolution led display are mainly reflected in its display effect compared to other media products will not appear particles and mosaic phenomenon, and the color saturation is relatively high, the color display is more symmetrical. After the lighting, the hd led screen is clear and natural, the display does not flicker, and the screen display effect is good.

LEDSINO P2.5 Indoor HD LED Displays Complete The Construction

LEDSINO HD LED Display is applied to all aspects of social life because of its high quality and cost-effectiveness. We provides design, production, structural construction, installation, commissioning and integration services!

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Do you still build a complicated frame for concert led screen ? Is there a simple solution of front service indoor?led?display with easy structure? Our custom led display?is a good solution. It has the below characteristics.

1) Magnetic cabinet, both front service and rear service.
2) Perfect screen flatness, Polymeric nanocomposites cabinet.
3) Ultra thin cabinet, only 60mm thick.
4) Ultra light cabinet, only 4.2kg to 4.7kg
5) Provide steel structure together, not need to build structure locally.
6) Simple structure, quick installation on the spot.
7) Various kinds of applications, permanent installation, rental hanging, front?installation led module repair, creative screen installation, ceiling concert led screen installation and many others which you imagine, more solutions can contact we…

Recently, our one P3 Flexible Indoor Advertising LED Display was installed in a shopping mall in Singapore. The advertising display is clear and delicate, and the effect is bright. And customers give very wonderful alike!

P3 Flexible Indoor Advertising LED Display In Singapore Shopping Mall

Our P3 Indoor LED Display is one of the mature products of LEDSINO. It can play high-definition video and ultra-clear video files. This product belongs to the high-definition Advertising LED Display series. The advantage of P3 indoor is the clear picture. Delicate, vivid colors, seamless splicing, as well as superior heat dissipation features, these advantages are also welcomed by more and more customers.

P3 Flexible Indoor Advertising LED Displays In Singapore Shopping Mall

As our products are getting better and better, the P3 type occupies a certain position in the indoor LED display. Moreover, LEDSINO has won the market with excellent quality and has won the recognition of customers with its caring service, so we will the best product for all customers.