If the LED display is a backbone in the display industry, then the LED special-shaped display will serve as the new field of display. With more and more market demand, commercial led screens are applied to different display areas, transforming different shapes. The special-shaped display has beautiful and bright color performance, and can be transformed according to the performance link. It can not only create a live effect with powerful visual impact and artistic appeal, but also can be used as an extension and supplement of the stage performance. To enrich and become an important part of the performance content.

P4.81 Curved Indoor Commercial LED Display In Seattle

Recently, the LEDSINO P4.81 Indoor Round commercial led screens has been successfully completed in Seattle.The total area about 300 square meters;It has become another classic commercial case of our company. The excellent quality and professional service of LEDSINO has won the favor and recognition of users.

P4.81 Curved Indoor Commercial LED Displays In Seattle

?Among the many brands, LEDSINO’s led wall display?are particularly prominent. In recent years, the company has continuously improved its research and development. Every time a special-shaped screen is changed, it is very representative. For now, the company’s special-shaped custom led display has: novelty, variety, customized by you the three most important features.