Jack Ma once said: Creativity is a very important part of business operations. To be creative, the importance of creativity is everywhere, whether it is past, present or future. Of course, in the LED display industry, creativity is also very important.

Rise of the LED display industry is due to creative ideas.

With the development of the LED display industry becoming more and more rapid, various types of LED screens emerge one after another, and the creative screen has brought fresh vitality to the industry as a team that has emerged from the LED display industry. It not only brings a new visual feast, but also meets the creativity and uniqueness of the display. Bringing commercial value to advertisers and media owners, adding a beautiful landscape to the ordinary corner.

We know that the LED display industry is very competitive, and major display manufacturers are competing to carry out product technology innovations. Therefore, the current LED display companies can not only do the LED display of the square and regular rules, but also creatively launched. Transparent screen, smart screen and versatile Rubik’s cube creative screen.

What creative Hire LED Display are on the market?

An era of creativity and competition. In the highly competitive Hire LED Display market, we launch four types:

HD HD series
Rubik’s cube M series
King Kong K series
Transparent R series

Among them, the Rubik’s Cube M series creative Hire LED Display can create a variety of beautiful visual effects, especially in the competitive period of the led display hire industry. The Magic Cube M series creative screen is different from other squares in the regular display, it can be combined with 3D/VR/ The combination of new technologies such as AR creates a more creative, deep-seated effect that satisfies the audience’s viewing experience and becomes an eye-catching artifact.

The Hire LED Display has been widely used in stage, song and dance evenings, conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theater auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, auditoriums, weddings, etc. As hire led screen, it has to be face the problem of repeated disassembly and removal and handling.

How we boost the advantages of the Creative Hire LED Display?

As the most trusted partner in the display field, the creative screen adopts new materials, sturdy and light, ultra-light and ultra-thin, 3.5kg ultra-light box, 5.5cm ultra-thin box, greatly reducing transportation costs, easy installation, handling Fast, the product performance is more stable, the module is magnetically mounted, the maintenance is faster and more convenient, and the problem of the disassembly and handling of the rental display and the high transportation price are solved.

As a large-scale dance beauty and various kinds of display activities, the creative screen is seamlessly spliced, the picture can be perfectly presented, the viewing is more comfortable, and most importantly, it can be freely built with letters, numbers, heart shapes and other creative shapes. The eyeballs of the people attract people’s attention and appreciation, which not only makes the event party satisfied, but also makes the audience appreciate the scene. The wide application of the LED cube hire creative screen undoubtedly enhances the depth and breadth of the hire LED display market.

Does LEDSINO have cases about the Creative Hire LED Display?

Yes, LEDSINO starts from the product quality, brings more high-quality products to customers, makes customers more satisfied, and also develops more customers by virtue of its strong technology and its own strong strength. Appreciate the product. I believe that the future of China will have a wealth of artistic modeling, structural mechanics and engineering experience and other aspects of the strength, in the LED Hire display stage perfect show of self-style.

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In 2018,it is a sporting year. From the Winter Olympics at the beginning of the year to the World Cup that triggered the global fans’ carnival in the middle of the year and then to the Asian Games, the world is promoting the development of the sports industry. As an indispensable LED Screen for modern sports venues, it can be said that the vigorous development of the sports industry has also brought a broad market demand for the screen industry. Especially with the advancement of intelligent interactive display technology, LED Stage Backdrop Screen has more and more wonderful performances in the opening and performance of many international sports events.Smart Dance Screen Interpret The Most Beautiful "HangZhou 8 Minutes"

On the evening of Sep 2nd, the GBK main stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta ended successfully. At the same time, Hangzhou, China, as the host city of the next Asian Games, also brought wonderful to the world audience at the closing ceremony last night. show. The appearance of the 5 sets of high-tech stage creative products of “Hangzhou 8 Minutes” triggered the audience of the entire Pangano Sports Center and the audience in front of the TV. The performance designed five sets of high-tech multi-degree of freedom “Smart Dance Screen”, which is the first high-tech stage creative work at home and abroad, but also to give the audience a huge shock and artistic expression.

The stage uses an unmanned on-board unit with a 360-degree rotatable mechanical rocker arm and a led stage backdrop. “wisdom The maximum height of the Smart Dance Screen can be about five stories. The overall structure is actually five intelligent industrial robots. The new artificial intelligence motion control system works with video content. This has also changed the traditional static stage presentation, which is called ‘the robot that dances.’

The mechanical arm of the Asian Games is further connected with sports, fully embodying the concept of “sports”. Firstly, the robotic arm transforms the?led stage backdrop wall in the traditional sense into a mobile display with free space and a variety of combinations. It can even install various special effects lamps and smokes on it, and cooperate with other performance equipment to create an illusion. The effect became a “robot” star involved in the performance. In short, the mechanical arm realizes seamless splicing and continuous display of the Smart indoor led display?in any space on the entire stage, which greatly enriches the stage art style and ensures the performance of the performance.Smart Dance Screen Interpret The Most Beautiful "HangZhou 8 Minutes"

The integration of sports events and new technologies has become a trend. Especially with the increase of sports events and the increasingly sophisticated display technology, it will bring more opportunities to the screen industry. Of course, there are also challenges. LED Display Manufacturer?must take the initiative to innovate and come up with excellent products to seize opportunities and win development!