History Museum,that provides an introduction to history, dynamics, collections of artifacts, photographs of artifacts, and professional books. With the preservation, display and introduction of historical relics, we will try our best to bring out modern art and cultural relics, absorb the ancient and modern cultures and art of the world, and introduce them as our aim.

The L-shaped LED Digital Screen provided by LEDSINO is specially designed for this museum. It uses the indoor P3 LED board and some Flexible-soft-boards. The overall low heat, low noise, low radiation, and can be embedded inside the wall. Let the crowd enjoy a flat view.The thickness of the installation is only 5cm, which not only brings a stylish and simple appearance, but also allows the display to fit the wall surface to achieve a compact space.

The area is malleable, the LED Digital Screen area is large, it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing,it can be arbitrarily extended, and seamless splicing.

It is the spirit of meticulous and conscientious production that allows LEDSINO to have more and more customer groups,it is the support and recognition of customers that makes the company stronger.If you also need a unique LED Screen, please contact us:manager@ledsino.com