Eiri Adds LED Digital Poster To Its Equipment

Rancho Santa, CA – Eiri, a world leader for over 20 years in projection technology, is pleased to announce that it is now distributing LED Poster as part of its comprehensive range of projection and signage solutions. Suitable for hanging, wall-mounting, base-standing, bracket standing, and other creative installations, the new LED display panels are well suited for use at convention centers, shopping malls, meeting rooms, airports, gas stations, supermarkets, clubs / restaurants, as well as command and control centers.

Used individually or as part of a multi-screen cascade, the LED Poster screen provides a magnificent visual experience. With a high 3840 Hz refresh rate and 1200 nits brightness, which is 3 times brighter than comparable LCD display panels, the Digital LED Poster provides a 160-degree wide viewing angle both vertically and horizontally—resulting in more realistic color reproduction. Each one has a full screen size of approximately 1982mm x 614mm and is viewable from a distance of 20 meters (65 feet).

In addition to their breathtaking visual performance, the Mirror LED Display exhibit world-class features throughout. Available in two models—P 2.5 and P 1.9—the LED Poster displays carry a respective dot pitch of 2.5 mm and 1.9 mm. The display depth is 35 mm (1.3 inches) with an ultra-slim edge of just 6mm (0.24 inches). The frame size is 614mm x 1982 mm. Additionally, each LED display frame has an integrated auto-closing inclined bracket—making setup for tradeshows and other temporary display situations quick and easy.

Amy Rubery, Eiri’s General Manager, commented on the fact that Eiki is now a North American distributor for LED displays. “We are delighted to be carrying LEDSINO LED displays as part of our projection and signage initiatives,” says Rubery. “The LED Poster display is visually stunning and their design makes them extremely well suited for a wide range of digital signage applications. Equally noteworthy, these LED Poster displays can easily be controlled via an app on one’s mobile phone in addition to a computer—and this can be accomplished via either Wi-Fi or a USB connection. There are apps available for both the Android and iOS mobile operating systems and changes can be easily made from one’s phone and uploaded in just 10 seconds. These LED displays offer a rich feature set and I’m confident that AV integrators will find a wide range of uses for them.”


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