With the advent of the digital age, the emergence of digital media has dramatically changed the form of advertising and the carrier of communication. From the inkjet printing introduced in the 1990s to the large-size LED display screens today; from a single picture with poor visual performance to a dynamic performance with strong visual impact. Giant LED Screen is used in building curtain walls, municipal engineering and sports events in major cities, which undoubtedly become the most important display window for corporate brand image and city image.

Known as the “Light of Asia”, Asia’s first Giant LED Screen advertising is located in the center of the Guanyinqiao shopping district in Chongqing, built around the two sides of the Suning Tesco Building. This huge outdoor LED Display with a total area of ??3,788 sqm combines architectural aesthetics with the business environment to showcase the prosperity of the city while keeping the pedestrian’s vision in the best viewing area Immersive experience.

LED outdoor commercial display not only has the advantages of waterproof, lightning protection, anti-seismic, etc., which can be applied to various harsh environments. It can also realize regional network broadcast, and can interact with human screens such as Weibo, positioning system, infrared sensor and face recognition. Combination of technical applications. It really turns from a simple display device to a smart business company that can provide a total Giant LED Display solution.

Facing the future, we will continue to grasp the core idea of ??“Innovation-Driven Development”, give full play to the company’s own advantages, and continue to develop steadily, and make unremitting efforts to build the corporate vision of “Global Audio-Visual Technology Leader”.

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History Museum,that provides an introduction to history, dynamics, collections of artifacts, photographs of artifacts, and professional books. With the preservation, display and introduction of historical relics, we will try our best to bring out modern art and cultural relics, absorb the ancient and modern cultures and art of the world, and introduce them as our aim.

The L-shaped LED Digital Screen provided by LEDSINO is specially designed for this museum. It uses the indoor P3 LED board and some Flexible-soft-boards. The overall low heat, low noise, low radiation, and can be embedded inside the wall. Let the crowd enjoy a flat view.The thickness of the installation is only 5cm, which not only brings a stylish and simple appearance, but also allows the display to fit the wall surface to achieve a compact space.

The area is malleable, the LED Digital Screen area is large, it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing,it can be arbitrarily extended, and seamless splicing.

It is the spirit of meticulous and conscientious production that allows LEDSINO to have more and more customer groups,it is the support and recognition of customers that makes the company stronger.If you also need a unique LED Screen, please contact us:manager@ledsino.com

With the upgrading of urban leisure mode, the bar has developed rapidly since entering China in 2003, especially in the cities with more developed economy such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. According to statistics, there are currently about 400 bars in Beijing alone, and bar culture has become an integral part of urban life.

Full-Color Creative LED Displays Stimulated In OPENPIE Bar

As a synonym for fashion pioneers, the bar has spared no effort in pursuing coolness and personalization. The eye-catching DJ station has become the core of the bar’s pursuit of individuality. In recent years, the extensive use of Creative Screen in the bar industry has also created a colorful trend, adding color to the bar with changing colors and images.

Full-Color Creative LED Display Stimulated In OPENPIE Bar

As a bar’s logo and facade, the DJ station is designed with exquisite style, which puts higher demands on display equipment. At present, non-LED displays are suitable for small-scale and extremely complex environments. Although the LCD splicing screen can also realize the special-shaped splicing, its flexibility cannot be compared with the LED Display. Thanks to its superior profile display performance, the Creative Screen is unique in the creation of the bar DJ.

The psychedelic lights that move with the rhythm of the movements, the music of the people who drink, the exuberant dance of the hot and the gall, the ultimate combination of many elements evokes high emotions. The intimate interaction between people is carried out in an unscrupulous manner in all kinds of sensory stimuli, and the friction between the shuttle and the dance sets off the desire of people to indulge and indulge. The stage is not only the spread of emotions, but also the soul of the bar management.

Full-Color Creative LED Displays Stimulated In OPENPIE

In this project, the designers of LEDSINO incorporated the controllable informational mechanical design into the bar stage display and lighting design, using the company’s P3 full color and P4 full color display unit combination, using programmatic the LED displays device creates a 3D visual space, creating different light and shadow patterns, making consumers feel like they are in space and feel the interlacing of time and space. Using the modern LED display types on the wall to match the sound effects and illusion of the night scene, the trend has become the place where people’s souls relax.