The project is a hotel for wedding themes, the background wall is 45 meters long and 3.5 meters high. The three walls of the hall are all made with indoor led display of LEDSINO, because they need to show a lot of colorful pictures or videos, so adopts P2.5 HD LED Display.

LEDSINO P2.5 Indoor HD LED Display Complete The Construction

The advantages of LEDSINO high resolution led display are mainly reflected in its display effect compared to other media products will not appear particles and mosaic phenomenon, and the color saturation is relatively high, the color display is more symmetrical. After the lighting, the hd led screen is clear and natural, the display does not flicker, and the screen display effect is good.

LEDSINO P2.5 Indoor HD LED Displays Complete The Construction

LEDSINO HD LED Display is applied to all aspects of social life because of its high quality and cost-effectiveness. We provides design, production, structural construction, installation, commissioning and integration services!

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