Chevrolet Creative Conference, LED Screen Detonated The Audience

On September 5, 2019, the Chevrolet new model launch conference was held in the GuangDe Test Site, the largest “Testing-Place” in Asia. The automobile industry is an important part of China’s industrial manufacturing. After the automobile industry joined the WTO, it also ushered in the great development of the industry and prosperity. In the automotive industry, the exhibition expanded the incremental market for the LED Display industry.

Automobile companies hold a new car launch conference. The main purpose is to hope that the audience will have more understanding of the performance, control, technology and other aspects of the car. In order to pass more information to the audience, an auxiliary display terminal is needed.

The LED Displays can be infinitely spliced. At the press conference, the LED display is the most suitable as a display terminal for the show. At the car conference, the exhibition has great requirements in the car performance area. The larger performance area requires more LED display area to meet the different viewing requirements of the audience in each location.

The car conference also put forward higher requirements for the performance of the LED display.

First of all, while meeting the basic traditional display functions, the LED display screen needs to be creatively displayed according to the specific situation of the press conference and the auto show to create a colorful picture to attract the audience. The creative display can be used as a separate unit to create ideas, such as the shape of the LED display, you can set the display of different shapes according to the needs of the scene. Curved, round, misplaced and other creative mix-and-match LED displays will be visually pleasing.

The creative LED Screen can also be integrated with other elements. The LED display has rich application experience in the stage design of the dance. LED display companies can apply the stage design experience of the dance to the car conference, auto show. The display can be combined with the need for lighting, music and other elements to integrate on-site automotive content information for deep creativity.

Secondly, in the car conference, the auto show’s full performance of the car’s performance, control, technology and other will also further tap the LED display more display performance. Car new product launches and high-end auto shows have higher requirements for the display quality of LED displays.

The related technologies of LED display micro/micro LEDs are constantly maturing, and the peripheral technologies such as 4K and HDR are constantly being blessed, and the image quality of LED displays has been further improved. While the display quality is improving, it also occupies a high-end auto show for LED displays, and the press market has won more weights.

LED display enters the high-end auto show. At the same time, the conference will bring new development opportunities to LED display enterprises. At the same time, LED display companies have some problems in entering these fields. At the high-end auto show, at the press conference, due to the close viewing distance of the LED display, the viewing time is too long, the brightness should not be too high, and the product should have anti-glare and dizzy design when the product is produced. At the high-end auto show, the release rate for LED displays is even higher.

At high-end auto shows, there are often cameras, cameras, and cameras. If the conference will be held, the refresh rate, brightness, gray level and other indicators of the LED display at the exhibition will not meet the standard. The photos or video images will show water ripples or moiré, which will not be conducive to the promotion of the car brand. The brand is undoubtedly a major loss. In the end, this is not conducive to the further expansion of the LED display at the high-end auto show and the conference market.

The booming development of the automotive industry has brought more development opportunities to LED display companies. LED display industry enterprises must seize the opportunity of development and promote the comprehensive development of the LED display industry. In the face of the problems encountered, only by striving for better solutions can we continue to expand the broader market of the LED display industry.


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