The Differences Between SMD And DIP

Recent years, due to the advancement of packaging technology, the price advantage has been further amplified. In addition, the acceptance of the market is getting higher and higher, which also allows many leading companies to embark on the road of outdoor stickers. However, the DIP as the main force of the LED display over the past in the industry it still retains its place in the LED display industry with its comparative advantage over the performance of outdoor surface. DIP is still the best choice for making screens, especially in the field of large screens, or some special applications.

The Advantages of DIP

What kind of irreplaceable advantages do DIP get for it still has such a strong vitality under the crazy price competition of surface-mount products?

We will analyze the different structural components of the DIP and the MD and see what sort of advantages that SMD does not have but DIP.

Single lamp: DIP lamp, It has a build-in single-color chip. Each of the three different colors of red, green and blue is assembled together to form one pixel of the full-color display. With only one wick wrapped in each lamp and log lamp foot so that it can easily achieve the ultra-high brightness required by the outdoor usage and it does not need to increase the current to increase the brightness, then the heat dissipation is not a problem. The chip of DIP is packaged separately and it got high brightness, small driving current, good heat dissipation, low failure rate and low attenuation rate.

Way of soldering: the pins of the DIP lamp are soldered after soldering through the PCB board, then the soldering of the DIP is much more stronger. The solder joint issue does not easily come up during transportation or using especially in the relatively harsh outdoor environment, thus the maintenance failure rate is low to achieve the purpose of reducing the daily cost, so ensuring the welding quality is one of the key factors to ensure the quality of the outdoor display.

Way of sealing: Most of the sealing materials are currently made of silica gel. The thickness of the silicone of the DIP is about 3.5~4.5 mm, which could provide better sealing protection for the lamp and PCB board. The thickness of the silicone is much higher than that of the conventional SMD and sure the cost will be higher. However, it is more reliable when using in waterproof, moisture-proof, UV-resistant and other harsh environments.

Full-color DIP is better than SMD: good sealing, high brightness, strong environmental adaptability, and absolute advantage for long-distance viewing. Therefore, for special use environment and cost considerations , the DIP screen still has a large market demand.

The form of potting of DIP: The potting process is to first inject liquid epoxy resin into the LED molding cavity, then inserts the pressure-bonded LED bracket into the oven to cure the epoxy resin, and then removes the LED from the cavity to form. Due to the relatively simple manufacturing process and low cost, it has a high market share. The DIP is large and can be operated by manual plug-in or AI machine. Because of the high brightness of the straight-inserted LED, it is easy to do waterproof treatment and glue filled by glue filling machine, so it is generally used as the light source of the outdoor LED display.

The SMD LED is attached to the surface of the circuit board. It is suitable for SMT processing and can be reflowed. It solves the problems of brightness, viewing angle, flatness, reliability and consistency. It uses a lighter PCB board and reflective layer material, and after improving ,it removes the heavier carbon steel material pins of the DIP, so that the reflective layer needs to be filled with less epoxy to reduce the size and lower the weight. In this way, SMD can easily reduce the weight of the product by half and ultimately making the application perfect. SMD LEDs generally use indoor LED large screen light source, but the brightness of the SMD LED is greatly improved with the technological breakthrough and the waterproof treatment can be well solved, which is the filling is performed on the surface by the glue filling machine, then the SMD are increasingly used in outdoor LED displays.

And the SMD price is lower than the DIP, so the market for SMD is now expending due to its wider viewing angel.


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