Display Wall Should Be Your First Thought For Control Room

Whether you’re designing a traffic control room or a police command center, an effective space takes time and well thought out planning. Before you begin the construction process, it’s imperative to have a plan.

Operation centers are often the nerve center of an organization and must have the proper equipment to ensure effective communication and reliable operation. That’s why you should focus on finding the right Display Wall for your space before any other planning takes place. Here are a few things to consider:

Space Design
Understanding the design and set up of your space is an integral part of creating a well thought out control room. Keep in mind how many operators will need to work in the space and the roles that they will play. Each operator will be looking at a different part of the Display Wall, so plan accordingly with the placement. How many console positions will you need to adequately house the team? This is the time to think about the logistics of the employees that will be utilizing the space – while the floor plans can be adjusted!

Display Wall Requirements
Depending on your application, your requirements will vary. For example, police command centers need constant 24/7 surveillance with high-quality resolutions and self-calibration, whereas traffic and highway management centers must display video surveillance and map data to clearly show large quantities of information. At Mitsubishi Electric we offer a wide range of display options such as LED, LCD, and long lasting Rear Projection displays as well as processing solutions to help you best utilize your Display Wall.

Operator Comfort
While planning the space, you must make sure that the employees using it can easily and comfortably assess the information. Make sure the layout of the room is optimal for their comfort and work performance. Efficient options are critical for safety and security, so the operators have to be comfortable during long shifts to do their best work! Having a display befits the ambient light levels of the room and helps operators avoid eye-fatigue who stare at a display for long periods in the day.

Set-Up & Upgrades
Once you’ve found the HD Display Wall to best fit your control room or command center, it’s time to put it all together. At LEDSINO, we will install the Display Wall for you to make sure the process is seamless. Keep in mind the longevity of the Display Wall you’ve chosen. Plan for any future upgrades in advance so the upgrade process will run smoothly.We simplifies the process of upgrading with cost–effective modularity and design.

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