Effect Of LED Wall Transparent Screen For Night-Travel

On Sep 16, 2019, a city joint light show with the theme of “Confession To Motherland” was built on 25 landmarks in 9 cities along the Yellow River.

According to several landmark lighting shows released by People’s Daily:Wangfujing Department Store, Lanzhou Yellow River Bridge, Yinchuan Yuehai CBD, Ordos Kangbash Library and Museum, Taiyuan Yingzeqiao Building, Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center and Millennium Plaza, Jinan Greenland Center, the landmark buildings all have applied LED Transparent Display Technology.

Due to its self-illumination and bright colors, the LED display caters to the needs of nighttime sights. Therefore, although the urban nightscape is still dominated by lighting, the operability and diversity of lighting brightness is much lower. So LED display still plays a significant role in it, and its ability to be free from advertising approval, it is also increasingly favored by various buildings, such as New York Times Square, Shanghai Bund, In addition, in recent years, many landmark buildings have installed Glass LED Screen for viewing, publicity, advertising and other purposes, and also brought many business opportunities for LED screens.

Moreover, today’s LED sky screen, LED tunnel screen, LED shaped screen and other novel, beautiful LED screens appear, the eye-catching strength is doubled, and the demand in the night travel economy will continue to rise. However, compared with lighting by means of illumination, however, since the LED display screen can only be in a black screen state when it stops playing, it will affect the appearance during the daytime, and will affect the lighting of the installed building body, and the traditional LED Display Screen.

Need to install steel frame, the weight is large, if the installation position is reserved in advance during the non-construction process, the post-installation must consider the weight bearing problem of the building, so it often receives a large limit in size, and can not play a bigger role in the night travel economy. The role.

However, for the LED Transparent Screen, the lighting problem that restricts the traditional LED display is solved because of its transparency, and its weight is much lower than that of the traditional LED outdoor large screen, so the degree of force is relatively high depending on the screen size. The traditional LED screen, it can be said that the size of the LED wall transparent depends only on the surface area of ??the building, and even completely replaces the exterior wall glass decoration.

Although the transparent video screen has the contradiction between “transparency and clarity cannot be achieved”, since the viewing distance of the transparent display of the building is usually far away, the conflict between the clarity and the transparency of the LED transparent screen is caused. The impact of the impact on the transparent display of the building is basically negligible, but with the advancement and development of technology, this contradiction is gradually being resolved.

The importance of Transparent Screens in landscape construction and building construction is increasing, and the trend of building materials for LED display glasses is becoming more and more obvious, and because it can completely fit the exterior walls of buildings, it is applied to irregularities in exterior walls. Buildings (such as the Ordos Kangbash Library and Museum, and the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center) can better enhance their artistry because of the alienation effect produced by the changes in the shape of the surface of the building.

With the city’s increasing emphasis on the air environment and urban safety, more and more cities are beginning to use the light show to replace the fireworks show as a way of celebrating the festival or to display it as a tourist attraction. Extending the city’s profit time to the whole day, the transparent led screen is also obvious in the pull and drainage of the night travel economy.

Therefore, in the future urban development, because the LED Transparent Glass Display has the natural advantage of hiding the body shape during the day, it is inevitable to find its own exclusive positioning and development space in night landscape construction and festival celebration activities. Over time, more and more urban landmark buildings will be equipped with LED transparent screens to complete the transformation of landmarks and attractions.


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