LED Screens At Carousel Mall Help Edge Out Competition

Sistem established a total of 14 LED screens on the external wall of the Carousel Shopping Mall in Istanbul. In addition to this, eight vertical LED applications, one wayfinder and eight information screens, were installed inside the mall.The shopping mall continued to serve the public during the system installation, and upon the activation of the digital screens, the mall witnessed an increase in the number of its customers compared to the previous period.

This project aims to ensure that customers prefer Carousel Shopping Mall to the other malls located in the immediate vicinity. To this end, Sistem established a total of 14 vertical LED screens, each of which covers an area of 8 square meters on both of the visible facades of the mall and, as a result, we ensured a achieved the targeted success and visual harmony. In addition, the LED applications, the wayfinder and the information screens established inside the mall helped the mall customers feel the outer digital ambiance.

Sistem took the utmost care during system installation as the mall was open to shoppers who kept visiting the mall while we were carrying out the project. The doors through which the mall customers enter and exit were gradually arranged based on the system installation planning, and some difficulties were also faced during the planning periods in order to make sure that the mall experiences the minimum potential customer turnover.

The way the screens were going to be placed was also among the most important issues as it was a must to make sure that the exterior LED screens broadcast on one single display. The primary objective of this project was to stop potential customers from visiting the other two neighboring rival malls and draw them to Carousel Shopping Mall.

Before deciding where to put the exterior LED screens, Sistem worked with directors of photography who carried out several computer trials. The main reason behind such works was to ensure that the exterior LED screens formed an integrity by giving one single image when necessary and to create screen transitions in order to draw the attention of the public to the mall.

The data received from the mall officials also showed that the shopping mall witnessed an increase in the number of its visitors by about 30 to 35 percent compared to the period when the digital screens were not present. In addition, it was announced that the LED screen, touch applications and information screens available inside led to an increase in the total amount spent in the mall by about 10 percent. The entire system installation, software, content management and technical support were provided by Sistem. Of course, clear and stable led screens are inseparable from the support of professional manufacturer LEDSINO, we will get more cooperation in the future.


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