LEDSINO in partnership with system integrator brought to life a unique artist built project – the installation of an Outdoor LED Screen system on the fa?ade of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall.

LEDSINO Outdoor LED Screen On The Facade Of Shopping Mall

The excellent and timely work on the design, production, and installation ensured that the project was commissioned and completed on time so that the high-level opening ceremony could go ahead as planned. An original solution with the bright content and interactive show platform made a WOW-effect, becoming a real talking point for the public.

LEDSINO Outdoor LED Screens On The Facade Of Shopping Mall

Today, the broadcasting of brands advertising messages alternates with image and game bumpers, supporting the thematic design of the building. A unified information canvas is a continuation of the shopping and entertainment center concept, serving as a flexible marketing platform as well as a powerful business tool for increasing the ROI of the project.

Taking into consideration the decades of LEDSINO’s experience in video technology as well as high quality and reliability of Outdoor LED Screen and Rental LED Display, we hope for the further prolific cooperation.

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