Recently, our one P3 Flexible Indoor Advertising LED Display was installed in a shopping mall in Singapore. The advertising display is clear and delicate, and the effect is bright. And customers give very wonderful alike!

P3 Flexible Indoor Advertising LED Display In Singapore Shopping Mall

Our P3 Indoor LED Display is one of the mature products of LEDSINO. It can play high-definition video and ultra-clear video files. This product belongs to the high-definition Advertising LED Display series. The advantage of P3 indoor is the clear picture. Delicate, vivid colors, seamless splicing, as well as superior heat dissipation features, these advantages are also welcomed by more and more customers.

P3 Flexible Indoor Advertising LED Displays In Singapore Shopping Mall

As our products are getting better and better, the P3 type occupies a certain position in the indoor LED display. Moreover, LEDSINO has won the market with excellent quality and has won the recognition of customers with its caring service, so we will the best product for all customers.

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