P3.91 Rental Screen Installed In Ireland

Inquiry:”I am YYM from Ireland, a new food hall that will open next summer in XXX. I’m looking for a screen to be fixes behind our stage on a wall that will measured 100’ x 15’. Can you please send me some options with prices? Thank you and have a great day.”

After communicating and understanding of the customer’s detailed requirements, our professional team proposed a suitable display solution, and recommended to use the indoor P3.91 rental screen.

Product List:
Die-casting Aluminum : 456pcs P3.91 cabinets(500*500mm)
Hanging Beam: 80pcs 500mm
Package:48 pcs wooden case
Control Syetem:Novastar NovaPro HD
Spare LED Modules(250*250mm): 90pcs
Spare Power Supply(Chuanglian 200w):20pcs
Spare Receiving Card(Mrv336):20pcs
Power Cable:25pcs 5m and 460pcs 0.6m
Signal Cable:8pcs 50m
LED: Kinglight SMD2121
Drive IC: ICN2038S
Refresh Rate: 1920-3840Hz
Project’s Venue:Ireland


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