The Role Of LED Screen In The Mall Atrium

The mall atrium is a non-commercial open area for it has a comfortable leisure environment which combines recreational activities, cultural facilities and cultural display and becomes a joyful place in the city and an important place for citizens’ leisure life. In the mall atrium the creation of space art has made the atrium a unique landscape center for the entire commercial building.

These few years, with the continuous development of commercial buildings, culture, comfort, interaction and richness of formats have become more and more important, such as large atriums, sightseeing elevators, fountains, etc. making their commercial spaces more focused on creating the inner atmosphere, so that customers immerse themselves in the space that the atrium creates. The mall atrium led art display more and more performance, like circular, arc lines and so on.

The main functions of atrium commercial led display:
Enriching space levels and strengthening business atmosphere.
Promoting corporation’s brands and beautifying the image of the mall.

The application of led display screens of indoor atriums is an application method that has risen in recent years. The led screens installed in the atrium location have advanced artistic beauty, fashion, atmosphere and taste.

The LED Art Display has been frequently used by the world’s top designers as the finishing touch in their works to enhance the taste and style of the works. The creative screen creatively solves the problems, like conventional led display with limited load bearing on the ceiling, the analysis of spatial force bearing properties, unsecure engineering, high installation costs and complicated steel structures, making the atrium ceiling led display more beautiful, just like a delicate artwork.

Whether lit or not, the atrium video screen is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it pays more attention to aesthetics and design, shape and uniqueness and creates new labels for space art screens.

With the theme of environment and decorative arts, custom led display integrates all major aspects of commercial construction, commercial operations, advertising and other aspects, effectively shaping the corporate brand image, helping to promote products, and has become a new marketing promotion model.

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