LED Displays Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Having a superior product doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, especially at trade shows, where it’s easy to get lost in the noise no matter how good your product and brand is. To make a significant impact at industry shows or conventions, your booth needs to incorporate solutions that help grab the eyes of the passersby. Interactive demos, brilliant display screens, and engaging presentations can all help make your company one to remember at even the busiest trade shows.

Incorporating high quality audio and visual elements will not only draw people in, but remembering your brand is more likely if it is displayed across a large LED screen. If the normal marketplace feels crowded, a trade show is the ultimate form of industry competition. With a large number of booths in the convention hall, garnering visitors can seem daunting, but when every new person who comes by is an opportunity for future business, it’s important to attract as many attendees as possible.

Creating a multimedia centered display strategy allows you to easily adapt to changing trends without varying your actual physical setup. Whether you want to add event-specific designs to your presentation, or even want to tailor your visuals to fit attendee preferences, a strong multimedia setup allows you to utilize the same hardware and make the necessary changes with a click of a button.

Novartis, a Switzerland based healthcare company, developed a digital media showcase that incorporated 13 different LED design elements. Displaying this innovative booth at the AHA Scientific Sessions, Novartis was able to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd at an event catering to 18,000 attendees. With incredible curved walkways displaying beautiful graphics, a large video wall and individual display tables, Novartis’ display served as an eye-catching and entertaining break from the more traditional displays at the conference.

Of note from Novartis’ booth was their use of interactive demos that visitors could try for themselves. This individual-centered experience serves to give potential customers a demonstration of your product while also tailoring the experience to answer the questions that are unique to them. An expert knowledgeable about your products merits combined with these engaging and interactive stations can be a powerful attention-keeper.

The team of audio-visual experts knows that adding a bit of flash can make all the difference. For both large and small-booth setups, we can work with their customers to create a unique display aesthetic. They carry leading brands in all areas of audio, visual, and LED display technology, meaning they can cater to your exact needs. To create a booth that gets noticed, you need a partner who knows how to make it happen.


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