Awesome LED Display For Chinese 70th National Day

On October 1st, people celebrated the grand military parade and mass parade in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. People gave best gifts to motherland in various ways. The LED Display application companies also gave a different gift to motherland, Let’s take a closer look.

Leyard created six high-definition LED displays for the celebration of motherland. It includes “screens for viewing the east and west roads” and “screen for the podium. “, the square masses view the use of the screen,” a total area of ??1656 square meters.

In the parade floats, Leyard was the theme of “Chinese culture”, and took off the Liaoning Ningxu car, and expanded the Sanqin Shaanxi float. The attractive Chongqing float provided LED screen products and technical support.

Unilumin provided several ultra-high definition display systems for the military training command drill. In terms of product display, Unilumin also created the “Hope Field” float.

The Absen PL3.9 Pro product also helped Shanghai’s “Flying Hope” float.

In addition to the above LED display companies participating in the National Day celebrations, BOE, Dafeng, Mosier,Novastar, Linsn, LEDSINO, Huacan, ICN and other LED display related companies also passed Different ways participated in the National Day celebration.

The brilliant performance of the LED display in the National Day celebration, the continuous integration of LED display and peripheral technology will give us a new vitality. It also shows that the LED display creates an atmosphere in major events. The ability to express and display outdoors is an irreplaceable alternative to other display terminals.


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