Best Time For LED Fine Pitch Into Conference Room

Any industry, company, or organization needs meeting room. In most scenarios, usually use projectors or conference tablet products. This is why the conference tablet market is so popular in recent years. How to make lecture halls and large conference rooms Is the display of the company’s front desk and exhibition hall more colorful and interactive? Therefore, LEDSINO HDK integrated LED Display terminal specially designed for large scenes.

LED Fine Pitch Display brings a “bigger and higher end” meeting experience to large conference rooms

The application of the business conference display area includes large-scale conferences and small conferences. The former is such as conference venues, hotels, large conference rooms of enterprises and institutions, etc. The latter is mainly a conference room with ten people. For example, the conference room scene of 120 sqm or more, limited to liquid crystal technology, liquid crystal products generally need to be spliced ??to meet the needs of the application – because the liquid crystal display technology has the drawback of “stitching” in large size, the projection technology is difficult to meet high-end users requirements for viewing effects.

In contrast, the small pitch screen has the characteristics of no seams, can be truly low-light, high gray, high refresh rate, etc., and can well meet the application requirements of indoor conference rooms for large-size display, and solve the pain points that liquid crystal and projection products cannot satisfy.

HDK integrated LED display terminal, while providing high-definition “giant screen” display, LED small pitch screen seamless seaming technology, rejecting screen splitting, non-destructive display of refined content such as icons, lines, running graphs, effectively overcoming data display, Misjudgment of information when commanding and dispatching.

Large visual range, high color gamut, high gray level and high refresh rate ensure stable and delicate image quality, and the display screen is richer and fuller, which makes the participants not easy to watch for a long time. It is easy to maintain and easy to install, and easy to use. Fully meet the high-definition display and smooth interaction needs of large and medium-sized conference rooms.

LED Small Pitch has a broad prospect in the conference room field

The total number of conference rooms in the world is about 100 million. The huge conference room base brings unprecedented opportunities for LED displays. With 400,000 calculations per conference room, 1.5 million conference rooms will create about 600 billion markets. The scale and huge market size will bring huge incremental market for LED small-pitch display.

LEDSINO HDK has the following features:
In large conference venues, multi-person conferences are conducted and judged, and shared content presentation is indispensable. HDK meets high brightness, high definition, excellent display performance, and clear visibility at all angles screen content.

The actual contrast ratio is as high as 4000:1. In an environment that is too bright or too dark, you can still see more rich colors and deeper black in the picture, and the color range is wider and the color performance is more abundant.

The signal processing system HDMI supports 1080P@60Hz signal input and uncompressed loop output to avoid signal distortion, frame loss and transmission delay, and the picture quality is super clear, ensuring the viewing effect on the exhibition site.

In addition, HDMI can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. Since the audio and video signals use the same wire, the installation of the system line is greatly simplified.


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