Accessories And Installation Of LED Screen Poster

§1.1 Hardware
1.1.1 A series advertising?LED?Poster
1.1.2 Stand base/hanging structure
1.1.3 1PC(for synchronous control use, with software, with HDMI out port for graphic card)
1.1.4 mobile phone/ipad(asynchronous control use, download APP software)
Remark: can switch between synchronous and asynchronous, can select synchronous or asynchronous

§1.2component of product

§1.3 Operation environment
1.3.1 Working Temperature : 0 – +40℃ ;
1.3.2 Humidity: 0 – 70%RH,no freezing;

§1.4 Principle and application environment
1.4.1 Principle: to control brightness and color of the LED lamp by sending card, receiving card and control software, realize different photos and video playing
1.4.2 Application environment: Supermarket, stage, entrance of the metro and airport, and so on.

§1.5 Installation
1.5.1 Hanging
1.5.2 Standing
1.5.3 Mounting installation
Based on the real environment to mount it on the wall, and then attach the panle with hanging screw on the hanger.
Creative?Installation Mode

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