The LED Screens Events project contracted by LEDSINO was successfully used for a club in Australia.Recently, customers come to the club towatch the Golden Guitar Awards, while praise the perfect performance of stage screen, that with the company twice to work together and re-cooperation.

Create indoor LED Screens Events with high refresh rate, low power consumption, wide viewing angle features soft and vivid colors, consistency is very good, the total three screen reached 95 Square meter. According to the customer, the video wall screens installation, the famous ensemble Los Tigres del Norte this portrait.

In fact, all customers who have dealt with LEDSINO know that the perfect performance of the company’s full color led screens is due to its excellent quality and perfect service. After 10 years of painstaking development, is not only the production of led screens products, sales of manufacturers, but also the field of leading led display suppliers and integrated services provider.

On the way ahead, LEDSINO is unremitting efforts to the sacred mission of “Make The World Bloom”.Give us a call! We enjoy explaining the technology and all the benefits it can offer our clients.

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