Fist Video Screen Safeguard Faculty Forum

Recently, the Amaryl Faculty Forum was held in Cairo, the forum provides an opportunity to learn state-of-the-art approaches and best practices in education, research, and training; and to build, support, and strengthen the academic informatics community. The conference is designed for faculty and staff who are committed to their own professional growth and the growth of their program. The Informatics Educators Forum also serves multidisciplinary, inter-professional informatics professionals at all levels of academic informatics.

As the forum video equipment supplier – LEDSINO, together with 150 sqm Rn-2.98 hire video screen and 40 sqm curved Rn-2.6 rental led wall (ultra-light and ultra-thin, easy to splicing and disassemble, high contrast) ,providing professional and perfect led video conferencing solutions for the event, the educational elements and the live interpretation art are perfectly combined. The overall stage display is particularly dazzling and full of enthusiasm for people to participate in the event.

The success of the project relies on the product and patented design concept of the mature and stable product itself, and is carefully tailored for the event venue. Video screen can be installed with 15 degree curved splicing to achieve the best visual effect at different angles; The high refresh 3840hz can fully cooperate with the professional camera’s picture to shoot freely, without shaking, no strobe line, perfect to present a clear and delicate picture, fully meet the lens switching needs during recording and playback.

In order to ensure the normal and orderly variety show, local project partner also arranged a professional maintenance team to wait 24 hours during the event to respond to emergencies, which earned the attention of department leaders.

There is no doubt that LEDSINO’ Rn-series Nationstar LED Screen in the international market is fully in line with the design concept of high efficiency, energy saving and replacement of fabricated public facilities. I believe this fist led video screen will be bring LEDSINO to a new level in the industry and create more social and economic value for customers.


As a professional LED Display Manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions for our LED Display industry.Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our LED Screen Rental, High Resolution LED Displays, Transparent Posters, Flexible LED Displays, Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

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