The event was attended by more than 200 spectators at the high-end opening ceremony at the Beverly Hills Los Angeles-based artist and landowner. Los Angeles honorary mayor, best actor Oscar Kevin Spacey and other celebrities played this event. LEDSINO hd led displays from the middle of the opening, Ferragamo fashion model and brilliant wonderful together.

Los Angeles 200 Banquet Event Live Background Big HD LED Displays

When researching which HD LED Displays video or led display panel price solution will be right for your event, educate yourself on the different technologies and products that are available. There is a huge range in quality with regards to image quality, screen size and price.

Los Angeles 200 Banquet Event Live Background Big HD LED Display

With our inventory of mobile and modular screens, we’re able to supply video led displays for any application. Regardless of your needs, please?contact our engineering staff?to provide you with the right solution.

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