New Year’s Eve Music Festival In Shiyan

The LED display is live broadcast at the concert. The large and clear live broadcast of the game breaks the restrictions on seats and makes it easier to watch the performance from a distance. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, close-up shots, and the creation of a special background environment bring the artistic mood of the performance to the utmost. The realistic picture and the shocking music are perfectly combined to create a grand and modern scene.

High refresh, high grayscale, high definition and high contrast, coupled with the industry’s advanced point-by-point correction technology, make the display beautiful and vivid, suitable for the needs of LED live broadcast on the stage. Easy to install and disassemble, realizing 10 seconds disassembly without tools. Frequent video source switching, powerful system switching function, seamless switching. Adapt to LED stage screen design The screen body has complex shapes and high display compatibility. With professional audio and video processing equipment, it supports arbitrary splicing and splitting of large screens.


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