Indoor LED Display Stage In Shanghai KTV Bar

Recently,P3 Indoor LED Display Stage provided by LEDSINO has been installed in a Shanghai KTV Bar,Under the inspiration of the designer, the Creative LED Screen can be made into various shapes to match the overall design style. The unique design can always bring extraordinary attention to the audience visual effects.

The project adopts the unique P3 indoor LED Display Stage module, which can be combined with the on-site music rhythm to perfectly display all kinds of dreamy, dazzling, mysterious and gorgeous color visual impact, bringing the audience to a wonderful world of audiovisual!

It caters to the special requirements of the high-end bar/KTV/stage and other night scenes on the background of the lamp. The shocking effect brought by the super visual impact adds to the attraction of the night field, which greatly enhances the grade and taste of the night field. It is the current high-end night scene, new highlights in decorative applications.

The advantages of?LED Display Manufacturer, our P3 indoor led display are mainly reflected in the phenomenon of no particles and mosaic, and the saturation of the color is relatively high, and the color display is more symmetrical. smooth and vivid videos without ripple and blank, high Definition image delivery, clear images restored accurately, bringing to the audience greatest visual enjoy.


As a professional LED Display Manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions.Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our Rental LED Display,LED Poster, Stage LED Screen, Flexible LED Display,Transparent LED Display, Church LED Wall, Concert LED Screen, LED Drape Screen, Nationstar LED Screen, LED Display Ball, Stadium LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

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