Some HD LED Screens Contrast At Different Distances,and they are bezel-free and hence, provide a seamless viewing experience,technology provides realistic and vibrant colours in addition to high brightness.

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In the LED Small-Pitch Display application, the image quality is always the core of the user’s attention.The advantages of the LED Display with high brightness and wide color gamut are not fully presented; also some industry problems, such as uneven gray scale, low gray Accurate, etc., make the LED Display quality in general, the human eye close viewing experience is not good.

In order to make the LEDSINO Display bring more real expressive power, the team of Nova scientists has been conquering a series of image quality problems for several years, and constantly enriching the content of high-quality display:

Support UHD / 4K resolution for more details;
18-bit + technology, 4 times display grayscale enhancement, making the gradient more delicate and natural;
Fine grayscale technology for more accurate low-gray effect;
HDR10-Optima & HLG incorporates optimized tuning technology for LED Displays for a highly dynamic immersive experience.

●MCTRL4K + A8s / A10s
Accurate Analysis, Real Display
MCTRL4K independent master control, with A8S / A10S receiving card, from the two dimensions of resolution and image quality to enhance the display effect, truly achieve 4K high-quality rendering, especially for the four-in-one and COB Display quality improvement .

Whether it is a conference, monitoring room, exhibition hall, or a radio and television live room, a commercial Display, an Indoor LED Display equipped with Nova’s high-quality solution can bring a better visual experience and deepen business value.

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Today, wind is smooth and weather is fine.The 15th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA 2019) was opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. For the “Industry’s First LED Display Exhibition” returning to Shenzhen, the LED display response of all parties is still very positive, and the exhibition site is full of popularity.

The intuitive experience of this Shenzhen exhibition is: LED transparent screen and dance floor led displays are really more! Small pitch hd LED products also have some subtle changes.

LED Transparent Screen
(The following is an LED transparent screen based on incomplete statistics)??

LED Floor Tile Screen
(The following are LED floor tiles according to incomplete statistics)?

?From the point of last year’s “Ice Screen”, LED transparent screens is expected to continue this trend this year; at the same time, as the floor tile screen becomes more stable, and the combination of VR and other technologies, it also adds more fun, It is foreseeable that this year’s transparent screen and floor tiles are still very hot. The current industry is more and more difficult in the field of product innovation, and there is still room for innovation and upgrade in the field of transparent screens and floor tiles. It is also a good choice to dig deep into hot led products and technologies and create more application possibilities.

HD LED Small Pitch
(The following is a small pitch led display based on incomplete statistics)?

High resolution led display is still the protagonist of every trade show, and the Shenzhen First LED Display Show is no exception. The small spacing screens exhibited at the exhibition has completely got rid of the trend of “Refreshing The Gap”, and the product performance is more and more mature in all aspects, and the price is more close to the people.

Nowadays, more and more led screen companies have begun to focus on “Product Micro-Innovation” (product perfection), which is a retrospective and solution to the pain points of existing products. It also improves the overall performance of the led product.

More led display suppliers can gradually change the concept of the user side in focusing on “Product Perfection” – they will not simply choose low prices, but choose from the perspective of product value. This is the role and power of “FOCUS”. Nowadays, the First LED display market is gradually transitioning from a “Production-Oriented Supply” to a “Brand-Driven” new era. If your business or product can’t build its own unique advantages, it will soon be eliminated by the market.

Therefore, the next time is the era of truly testing the “Product Force”, the entire industry is changing, all led screen manufacturers’ products are developing in the direction of becoming more and more refined, LED screens enterprises are ready!


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Digital world is changing rapidly in order to seize the opportunities of the times.High resolution led display provides the efficient information services with excellent effects and video processing capabilities. Lately, LEDSINO new hd led screen series has fully launched to attract more clients and becoming a powerful technical tool for the led video display projects!

Product Features
Design in accordance with the 16:9, display unit in the aluminum cabinet design, one-time integral die-casting, magnesium alloy in the module bottom shell.With the anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-shock, fan-less, dust-proof and noiseless design.

Technical Advantages
With LCD to display the screen working status; the magnetism triggers the active front maintenance system to achieve up to 5 seconds of pre-maintenance and higher module restoration accuracy.

Structure Features
1.Temperature, power, signal, working hours system test, button and display synchronization, hidden power signal connector, embedded handles.

2.All components adopt leading precision machining technology to ensure product assembly accuracy≤0.1mm;.Automatic industrial 4.0 production line to reduce manual participation and ensure product assembly accuracy.

3.The cabinet has precise up and down and side to side seam sewing adjustment mechanism, which protects the LED light during the assembly process.

4.Light cabinet which can improve the efficiency greatly.Standard aluminum frame structure which is easy for on-site assembly and ensures the reliability of precision.

5.Test And Certification
All parameters exceed industry standards, series of products have passed 3C and CE certification, test reports of protection level, noise, flame retardant and smoke, issued by national authorities.

6.Practical Function
Useful functions, such as eliminating the residual image circuit design, eliminating the effect of residual image on the display effect when the screen goes dark, reading the correction data function automatically, replacing the module on-site and updating and operating n data automatically.

LEDSINO,a professional led display manufacturer with new hd led screen in high-precision, stable and reliable picture which adjusts the bright and dark lines of the case, read and correct data to attract the attention of experts!


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From June 9 to 10, the 18th SCO Summit took place in Qingdao. The heads of states for the eighteen countries gathered together to plan the development of the Yellow Sea.LED Large Screen Increase luster For the 18th SCO Summit

Reported that the Large LED Displays of the Qingdao SCO Summit News Center is built with a surface-mounted p2.5 hd led screen which will present first-hand picture quality and brilliant color news screens to major media at home and abroad.P2.5 hd display is a classic work in the high-end display area of the lobby.

It perfectly meets the needs of the high-profile international meetings to accurately convey the video, and the atmosphere is beautiful to show the needs of big countries. The meetings at the BRIC Xiamen and the global party conferences are dazzling performance. This time, the Large LED Displays has made important contributions to the successful holding of the Qingdao Summit, which has added a lot to the excellent quality.