High Stability Nationstar gold lamp
High efficient MBI5124 IC,low power consumption
Guarantees a reliable performance
Excellent color reproduction capability

LEDSINO led Indoor Displays has been used for more than 60 countries, provided the perfect stage effects and solutions for hundreds of activities;

So if any projects,please advise in order to proceed further.

Variety of customized LED Video Walls to satisfy different requests
Highest cost-effective price
With pure golden wire connection in LED Video Wall
Goods be examined before delivery,Professional QC team

Can play all-round videos and pictures.
Amazing video and picture display effect
Special PCB design which can make sure the showing picture distortionless
Both synchronous and asynchronous control way is available

LEDSINO?is a perfessional led display manufacturer, and an innovative team devoted to improve led display technology the world over.Also is a LED?Video Walls supplier in the displays technology development, manufacturing, and online distribution, servicing companies not just here in the China but in countries on every continent.

What kind of surprise will the industry reform bring us? Let’s follow the pace of technology development and see.


LEDSINO in partnership with system integrator brought to life a unique artist built project – the installation of an Outdoor LED Screen system on the fa?ade of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall.

LEDSINO Outdoor LED Screen On The Facade Of Shopping Mall

The excellent and timely work on the design, production, and installation ensured that the project was commissioned and completed on time so that the high-level opening ceremony could go ahead as planned. An original solution with the bright content and interactive show platform made a WOW-effect, becoming a real talking point for the public.

LEDSINO Outdoor LED Screens On The Facade Of Shopping Mall

Today, the broadcasting of brands advertising messages alternates with image and game bumpers, supporting the thematic design of the building. A unified information canvas is a continuation of the shopping and entertainment center concept, serving as a flexible marketing platform as well as a powerful business tool for increasing the ROI of the project.

Taking into consideration the decades of LEDSINO’s experience in video technology as well as high quality and reliability of Outdoor LED Screen and Rental LED Display, we hope for the further prolific cooperation.

LEDSINO P10 indoor led display successfully lit Zengcheng Children’s Palace,Zengcheng Children’s Palace is a major public, the people’s livelihood project, the project will be completed after the set of training teaching, activities, cultural performances, exhibitions and other functions as one of the juvenile social education institutions for the surrounding area and about 200 million people to provide quality Of the educational resources outside the school to further enhance the soft power of urban culture.

City leaders need to install a piece of indoor display, listen to friends that my company’s display quality is good, found the company’s official website through online customer service to understand the details of the customer finished his situation, the company customer service recommended to him the following P10 indoor led display and introduce its product features, the customer bevelve my company’s professional customer service and product advantages of their own conquest, choose to install this screen.

This screen uses P10 indoor led display high-definition,more than 40 square meters, the use of simple cabinet, but made a steel structure, plus package edge; company engineering to install, the product quickly installed design and engineering department skilled installation Approach, so that customers are very satisfied with the impression that my staff is also excellent.

The duration of the deliver cate of 15 days, after the installation and the test, the superiority of our products is show , delicate color details of the deal, the bright color with the screen brightness with the external light intensity and other automatic adjustment of product features so that customers amazed.

Under?the LED Video Wall Displays,Chinese President Xi Jinping stresses that human history advances with cultural inclusiveness, as he proposes a toast at the welcoming banquet for distinguished guests attending the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, May 14, 2017.

LED Video Wall Displays Support The “Belt And Road” Forum For International Cooperation

Beijing is an international metropolis where East and West meet and interact, President Xi noted. The city has shown how humans can live in a community of common destiny, as it transformed into a metropolis from a “small” city in history.

He explained that in the Chinese capital, people can visit the ancient Imperial Palace, Great Wall and Temple of Heaven, as well as the modern Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and National Center for the Performing Arts. People enjoy Chinese traditional Peking Opera and Western ballet and symphony. People see Chinese youngsters in clothes from global brands, as well as foreign friends wandering the hutongs and speaking in Chinese.

Xi expressed his hopes for the Belt and Road, saying it is an extension of an historical trend and the correct choice for the future. He stressed that people yearn for cultural exchanges, a peaceful world, common development and a good life through common endeavors that will have far reaching impact and bring benefits for many generations to come.

Each side of the LED video screen is P2.5 high-definition LED Video Wall Displays, use Nationstar lamp ,Novastar Control Methods,MBI5124,the effect is very delicate.Do you want an idea of colorful LED display that you aren’t sure how to make it happen,please?contact our engineering staff?to provide you with the right solution.

LEDSINO?is a turn-key provider of? LED Video Screens rental and indoor/outdoor led digital video displays, and an innovative team devoted to improving led video technology the world over.

Since its establishment in 2008, our team has been innovating new ways to deliver the highest quality products, services and value to our customers, Our led screens projects include some of the most technologically advanced and forward-thinking designs available on the market today.

LEDSINO Screens has partnered with some of the world leaders in visual display technology. We know that the future of digital Modular LED rental screens is exciting, and we want to be part of it. Our LED Video Screens utilise the latest technology to ensure our customers have the best-looking displays possible for the application. Whether it be for stunning television displays or real estate advertising platforms our customers know that they can wow their customers with stunning visual effects.

LEDSINO?also is an industry leader in led video displays rental technology development, manufacturing, and online distribution, servicing companies not just here in the China but in countries on every continent.

Marketing departments of organisations or their media agencies can now communicate with individual ?LED Scoreboards or networks of multiple LED displays locally or across the globe. Efficiency and return on investment are dramatically improved through automation of brand management and advertising content, delivering timely and relevant digital communication to your markets worldwide.

LEDSINO LED Video Screens is a fantastic advertising platform to generate more leads and increase sales. Forget traditional advertising, digital advertising allows you to target your message directly to your target market in your area. When executed correctly results can be outstanding.

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Outdoor LED Video Displays is a perfect way to engage customers, especially at roadside locations. Big Screen Hire provide a range of signs that deliver bright visible colour messages that are visible both day and night.

If you occupy a busy roadside retail location, an Outdoor LED rental screens solution from Ledsino is the perfect sales generation medium. As an event organiser you will be able to utilise this Rental LED panel technology to promote your public event and showcase supporting sponsors. Having access to a medium that broadcasts specific colour messages is invaluable for these type of events and sporting fixtures.

You have the capacity to program an unlimited amount of targeted sales messages into the unit, allowing you to have a full time sales person working for you 24/7, taking full advantage of the traffic passing by your place of business or event location.

Outdoor LED Video Displays is a cost efficient way to create attention, engage and also educate your potential customer base. Your LED displays will be full colour, rather than the basic black/orange applications that have been used previously with less effect. This means a more engaging message, leading to more sales and larger crowds.
We provide a long-term sale options for our range of LED screen panels units.

1.Our experienced sales team will be your expert to consult with. LEDSINO will help you understand how the pixel pitch and pixel resolution work together, our sales team will guide you towards a solution that matches your needs with your budget.

2.Our rental led screens products are plug and play out of the box, however, when needs arise for multi-locatio features, Our extremely experienced support team and engineers can walk you through technical issues, mounting constraints, software questions and custom led displays projects that require research and development.

3.We only provide high quality products. Our products maintain their appearance and function even in harsh weather conditions. We are so confident in our work we offer a 5 year warranty on most of our products.

So,if you want make your events stand out,please contact us