Best Advertising Choice – Transparent LED Displays

After long time technical innovation and development, transparent led displays had been widely accepted by the customers worldwide. With the advantages of good heat dissipation, fast installation, high transparency, high brightness and easy maintenance, transparent led screen could be used behind any shape of glass surface, and keep the internal natural lighting and viewing, that s the reason why its the best choice of glass led display advertising.

Transparent LED Banner is a transparent screen micro-innovation, SMT manufacturing process, packaging lamp beads, control systems have been targeted improvements, coupled with the hollow design of the structure, reducing the structural member block the line of sight of, maximize the perspective effect. It also has a new and unique display, the audience stood watch over the distance, like a picture on top of suspended glass curtain wall.

Transparent led displays Advantages:The appears of Transparent Window Display not only incorporates all the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition LED display and shop windows to maximize the elimination of load-bearing and beautiful, solute the retail industry window video display problems perfectly. Currently retail showcase for the transparent led banner, not only light, thin, easy to install, but also to achieve the smallest pixel pitch of 3.75mm and transparent degree high more than 80%. Its use needs to overcome the ordinary paper poster posting replacement trouble, nor ordinary led display screen and LCD screen, heavy, impermeable, unsightly weakness. Compared to the use of building walls, windows LED transparent displays may be a larger market demand.

In addition, the design of transparent LED displays advertising content screen, you can remove unnecessary background and replaced with black, only the expression of the desired content is displayed, when playing black part does not emit light, led transparent display?effect is shown as such playback method can greatly reduce light pollution, but also can reduce the energy consumption can be achieved than ordinary LED display more than 30% energy saving. transparent led displays These features make the application more widely in public places, more and more segments of the application presented to the continuous development.

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