Watch 3D Feast With New LED Theater Screen

With the improvement of the quality and reputation of films, the demand for viewers’ viewing experience is also increasing,the competition in theaters is becoming increasingly fierce. “How to improve the construction, management and operation of cinemas” has become an urgent problem for many cinema managers. In this context, we introduce a new LED theater screen solution.

This theater adopts the new P2 HD LED Display, breaks out the traditional film projection technology, and comprehensively renovates the movie audio-visual realm. It is expected to promote the cinema line innovation through advanced film projection technology, enhance the audience’s viewing experience, and provide filmmakers with their talents. The broader stage of the film industry will open up new spaces for diversified operations and achieve new glory in the film industry.

HDR clips and 3D movies are played live, which is 10 times higher than the traditional projection device (146fL), and the ultra-clear 4K image quality of high dynamic range (HDR) overcomes the over-darkness of the traditional 3D movies and the uniformity of the screen and the projector’s focus is not true, the picture is blurred.And the audio-visual enjoyment has been frequently sighed by the participants: “Although wearing 3D glasses, you can clearly see the image details and subtitle text, no traditional 3D theater. “Dark, blurred shadows”, “This is a very different 3D viewing style, the unparalleled 3D depth of field, the layered image quality is amazing!”. In this LED theater screen, no matter where the audience sits, its epoch-making movie quality and customized professional audio system cover the best sound of the audience, ensuring that all viewers can enjoy the same immersive audiovisual.


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